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Name Description Annotations Documents Curators Links / Download
 FlyBase Mentions of Drosophila gene names and symbols in PLOS full-text articles. entities: Drosophila genes 754 full texts anndoc
 LocText Protein subcellular localizations for human, yeast, and arabidopsis. Details, , entities: proteins, subcellular localizations (loc), organisms
relations: protein ↔ loc, protein ↔ organism
100 abstracts anndoc BioC PubAnnotation
 IDP4+ Largest corpus of mutation mentions. Details, entities: mutations, GGPs, organisms
relations: GGP ↔ mutation & organism
826: abstracts & full text anndoc PubAnnotation
V300 Corpus of virus species and proteins. entities: virus species, proteins 300 abstracts anndoc PubAnnotation

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