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tagtog helps in your workflow for text analysis and database curation. We use automatic systems to find and extract complex information from text, like for example entities such as people's names or genes. Our software learns from its mistakes and gradually becomes better to always give you better results.

  1. Upload your documents

    Start by simply uploading the documents that you want to analyze. We are increasingly accepting a large variety of input formats so that you can upload just about anything.

  2. Tune me

    At any time you can correct any missing or wrong automatic annotation. We will learn from your feedback to have it right next time.

  3. Get the results

    Download the analyses in XML or TSV formats. Upload more documents and immediately get the new results. And save you all the tedious work!



Some of the most recognized bioinformatics databases and startups are already using tagtog. Join us!


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At the moment we are hand-picking a few users to use the system. Send us this form if you want to start using tagtog. You will hear from us soon.