Turn text into domain-specific insights

Quickly teach AI machines to recognize relevant information in text.

Get results right away. Simple.


Discover relevant insights in text automatically.

Quickly customize tagtog to meet your needs. No coding or data engineering skills required.

Save time/costs and enable people by removing repetitive work


  1. Import text

    Point to the text you want to import (web pages, known document repositories -e.g. PubMed-, etc.) or upload your own files (PDFs, XML, etc.).

  2. Customize to resolve your unique problem

    Choose already trained machines to analyze text automatically (e.g. recognize gene-disease relations, vehicle parts, etc.) or customize tagtog to your unique context. Use our web editor to give feedback on the results and that way, improve the accuracy of our machines to resolve your problem. We will get it right next time.

  3. Get results right away

    Visualize the results or export them in various formats. Use our search engine to discover key insights and make better decisions. That’s it!


  • Machine Learning with people on the loop

    Using our web editor, you provide feedback (accept, edit, reject the predicted results). This is used to improve the accuracy of our machines and adapt them to find only the insights you need.

  • No Coding or Data Engineering skills required

    Democratize Text Analytics. You don’t need to code or juggle with data to use tagtog. Use the intuitive web interface to customize the system and get suitable results right away.

  • NLP Web Editor

    The best web editor of its kind. Intuitively enrich text: categorize documents and annotate entities (e.g. company products, intents, etc. ) or relations (e.g. diseases caused by mutations). Use this knowledge to teach machines recognize similar patterns.

    Do you want to train you own algorithms? Import their predictions, correct them in the editor, and feed them back.

  • Quick training

    Use already pre-trained machines, no training required. You can also upload already annotated documents or dictionaries with the terms you want to find in text to reduce dramatically the time required for training.

  • Concept Search

    Find and discover through collections of text by concept and not by keywords (e.g. find all vehicle technical reports that are related to engine failures).

Share knowledge

Share your text annotations with other users. They can extend their labelled data or just teach machines that can analyze their text automatically.

Build upon already trained machines and teach them further. We are creating a Knowledge Community.

On the Cloud or On-premises

On the Cloud no installation is required, start right now. On-premises, we have a Docker image ready to run in your own infrastructure. In both cases, just use your favorite browser.


Integrate tagtog within your existing pipeline. Use the API to upload text, we retrieve the results. You can also use it to search across your text collection or improve your search engine.

Team Collaboration

Invite other users to help you annotate text and create an annotated corpus. Collaborate. You can split tasks, create guidelines and review annotations. Use these to accelerate machine training.

Entity Normalization

Manage disambiguation. tagtog determines the identity of the annotations assigning unique ids from standard databases such as UniProt or Wikipedia.

You can also upload your own dictionaries to map the annotations to your unique internal references (e.g. product ref )

Big Text

Work with external text sources (e.g. PubMed) or your own text. We can process millions of documents with ease as everything is handled on the cloud.


FlyBase is an online bioinformatics database and the most recognized repository of genetic and molecular data for the insect family Drosophilidae. Read the published paper of our collaboration.
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